Zima Is Heading Back To Store Shelves

February 23, 2017

© Dkidpix | Dreamstime

The 90s are coming back in style.  First Crystal Pepsi was re-introduced along with Surge Cola.  Now beverage that was big 20 years ago is heading back to store shelves soon, Zima. The crystal clear, lightly carbonated alcoholic beverage that promised “zomething different” back in the early 90s is in the works for a resurrection by its creator, Miller Coors.  Zima hit store shelves in 1993 and although off to a good start, sales gradually become flat as recipes were changed and packaging was changed from glitzy to bland, like a Zima left out in the sun. By 2008 had ceased sales in the United States.  But as major beer companies look to re-capture market share being squeezed by craft beers and millennials choice of wine instead of brew, Zima could once again be a game changer. 

SOURCE: Chicago Tribune

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