Your Phone's Voicemail Box May Be Used For Unsolicited Sales Messages

May 30, 2017

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Besides the business world, leaving a voicemail is almost a faux pas in a texting world.  However there are many who still rely on "waiting for the beep" to leave you a message.  Although the voicemail may be as ancient as a pager or fax to many, it's may be the final frontier in telephone solicitations.  Although the government has set up "do not call" lists for both landline sand cell phones, there’s a loophole that one company is looking to use.  Although telemarketers may not be able to call you, they can leave you a voicemail without having your phone ring. It's called direct-to-voicemail (DTV) and since it does not activate the ringer on your phone, it's perfectly legal to leave you a message on refinancing your home or consolidating your debt. In debt collectors have been using the practice for quite some time.  However this new proposal would allow solicitors to begin the service. Your phone would indicate that you have a message and it would be up to you to listen or delete it.  The Federal Communications Commission is reviewing the proposal for direct-to-voicemail and is projected to pass.  No word on when, if approved, random voicemails would begin to appear in your inbox. The public has until Friday, June 2nd to make comments on the proposal.

SOURCE: Lexology

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