Your Friends Don't Have It Better Than You

September 20, 2017


Although we think our friends have a more social circle than us, perception is not necessarily reality. Researchers questioned 400 college freshmen and found 55% assumed other students had more friends than they did, but just 26% believed they had more friends than the average classmate. On average, respondents estimated they spend about 31% of their time alone, and yet they estimated their classmates spent only 22% of their time on their own. Those who only believed they had fewer friends compared to others (whether it was true or not) felt worse about themselves. So why do many of us think our friend’s life is more fun, glamourous and exciting?  Simply put, we experience every moment of our own lives, while witnessing everyone else's life in snippets, we assume others spend most of their time out in social situations. The reality is they spend time alone as well, we just don't see it.

SOURCE: Quartz

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