Your Ashes Can Now Be Pressed Into Vinyl Record

August 23, 2016


Have you given much thought into what you'd like your loved ones to do with your body after you pass away?  Thankfully, there are an ever growing number of possibilities.  From being launched into space to being frozen in a cryogenic pod and now for the music lover, your remains can be pressed into a vinyl record.  If you’re not content with the traditional ways to spend eternity, you can have a portion of your cremated ashes pressed into a vinyl album by And Vinyly.  For around $4,000, you’ll have 30 copies pressed with a little bit of you for your friends and family. The audio created on the plastic disc itself can be anything that you choose from your favorite songs to sounds of nature, your own words to silence.  For $650 more, you can have a songwriter pen a personalized song and no album is complete without some album art, which can be drawn by James Hague for an extra $4,600.  You can even have your album distributed to record stores across the world! The company also offers the same vinyl pressing for beloved pets too and even a package of comedians and story tellers to accompany your album.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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