Your Appearance In Profile Pictures Can Be What Wrong

May 8, 2017

© Georgejmclittle | Dreamstime

Stuck in the singles scene guys? Perhaps it's time to take a long look at your wardrobe.  Hater, a dating app that matches you with singletons who despise the same things as you, and works like Tinder’s swipes.  They dug deep into their data banks and divided their male users by the most attractive 10% (those who received the most right swipes) and the least attractive 10% (those who received the most left swipes). Keeping in mind this is just based on the appearance of guys in their profile picture, they found similarities between the two groups.  For the bottom, they appeared to be fond of long shorts, anime, Pokémon Go, and Windows computers. For guys in the top, they were fond of PBR, superfoods, Serial podcast, and staying at Airbnb. They also found their profile pictures featured more v-neck sweaters, skinny jeans, and J. Crew.  The data suggest that appearance opens doors and suggest you paying more attention to your appearance in your profile picture to at least get a conversation started if you are looking for love online.

SOURCE: Men's Health

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