Young Children Showing Signs Of Neck and Back Damage From Viewing Phones

May 9, 2018

© Scott Griessel | Dreamstime

While parents worry about kids hurting their eyes from viewing a computer or phone screen all day, another concern is the constant downward posture of their heads looking at their phones.  Physical therapists are noticing an increase of children with what they call "text neck", related to having your head down for a long period of time using a mobile device. Symptoms include sore neck, upper back pain and headaches and has been documented affecting children as young as 8. Physical therapist says treatment for text neck is the same for those with whiplash and requires months of therapy to reverse the symptoms. The average human head weights 10 to 11 pounds and by tilting your head down by as little as 30 degrees, the weight ratio of your neck and back increases to 19 pounds and by tilting your head down by 60 degrees, which is generally where it is when texting,  the weight ratio of your head changes to 59 pounds! The easiest solution is to hold the phone at eye level for most of your use and to take frequent breaks when you're in front of a screen. Keeping your shoulders back and your back straight also forces your neck to be in a neutral position. 

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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