You should get this yoga alarm clock

Start your day with relaxation!

July 18, 2017

Imagine waking up to the sounds of sweet vibrato with rich bass undertones, delicate singing, and the voice of a professional yoga instructor giving directions on how to start the day peacefully and more mindful. Yoga Wake Up, co-founded by Gainesville native and University of Florida graduate Lizzie Brown is featured in Apple’s app store under the hot list category called “New Apps We Love.” Users download the audio-only yoga session and set a time for the wakeup to start. Users must keep the app running in their phone's background in order for the clock to go off. When it goes off, the wakeup instructs them to focus on their breathing and beginning level-yoga. The app has wakeups led by more than 20 different yoga instructors with about 10 more in the works. The goal, Lizzie Brown said, is to have about three new wakeups a week. The app also offers healthy recipes and yoga tips. To download Yoga Wakeup, go to your Apple store or Google Play store today!

Source: Gainesville Sun