You Must Really Want The Job If You Willingly Eat A Live Black Widow Spider

August 31, 2017

© Photomyeye | Dreamstime

Have you wanted to land a job so bad that you'd be willing to eat a poisonous live spider?  Daniel Roberts of Fresno, California is an artist that is uniquely suited for Halloween.  So when he learned of the Hobb's Grove annual Halloween Haunt job fair, he was aiming to be hired.  However competition is fierce for the few that are hired.  But Daniel has a special skill, he lets black widow spiders roam freely over his body and even will eat one alive! His act even creeped out others auditioning for job at the haunted park too!  But Daniel isn't immune to the poison of the black widow.  He tells a local TV station that he carries special pills to counteract the spider's venom as he has been bitten twice. No word if Daniel's skill set landed him a job this year!


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