You might be spreading the flu just by breathing

January 23, 2018

If you thought washing your hands often, and covering your mouth when sneezing is enough to stop the spread of the flu, you might be wrong. Scientists at the University of Maryland School of Public Health reveal breathing could be enough to spread your flu germs. "They discovered nearly half of the aerosol particles collected in the absence of coughing contained the flu, which means simply breathing when you have the flu can mean you're spreading the bug. They also found men released more flu virus particles with each cough compared to women, but that women coughed more frequently."

Things You Shouldn’t Touch If You Want to Avoid the Flu 

Office coffee stations and water coolers: Smart people keep their distance from sick colleagues, but then use the same coffee machine or water cooler. Germs like hard surfaces and can find their way to 40 percent to 60 percent of common surfaces in offices, hotels and health care facilities in just two to four hours.

Liquid soap in washrooms: While it’s a good idea to open the door of a washroom with your sleeve, there’s one other piece of equipment that should be avoided like the plague: soap dispensers. Liquid soap itself can become contaminated with bacteria and one in four dispenser machines in public restrooms are contaminated with bacteria, including fecal matter, according to one study. 

Salt and pepper shakers: One study examined 30 people who were showing symptoms of the common cold and were asked to identify 10 surfaces they’d touched in their home over the previous 18 hours: More than 40 percent of the surfaces tested positive for rhinovirus, the most common virus to cause the common cold. All salt and pepper shakers cited by participants tested positive.

Exercise equipment at the gym:. Bacteria love moisture, especially sweat, but one study found that rhinoviruses still cling to exercise equipment — even after cleaning.

Souce: Medical News Today