You Can't Go Wrong With This Last Minute Mother's Day Gift

May 11, 2018

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Mother's Day is Sunday and the average American will spend around $180 to shower mom with gifts this weekend.  However all that money spent on gift isn't making Mom feel special at all.  A survey found that 40% of Mothers surveyed found they give fake reactions to gifts; most commonly falling back on “thank you,” “awww!,” “I love it,” “wow — this is great” or “I really needed one of these” to mask their disappointment. The best gift you can give Mom is time.  Time with you or time by herself which means you can still make Sunday a Mother's Day she'll truly love.  Make Mother’s Day a Mother’s Day Off. Partners and older children can handle the day-to-day chores like feeding everyone, loading the dishwasher or checking over homework for the day, to free Mom up for some blissful “me time.” Friends or relatives can also take the kids for the day so that Mom and Dad (or Mom and Mom) can enjoy some couple time without also being parents for a hot minute. Or just let Mom spend the day by herself. If you feel the need to spend money on a gift the give her a gift certificate for a spa day, the movies, a class she’s been eyeing or her favorite restaurant for a future date. And be sure to sort the child care.

SOURCE: Moneyish

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