Yoga Pants Are Polluting The World

March 16, 2017

© Dmytro Tolmachov | Dreamstime

Yoga pants find themselves at the heart of yet another issue in the news, but it's not just yoga pants. Researchers say cozy clothes like yoga pants, fleece jackets, and sweat-wicking athletic apparel are a major source of pollution in the world's water. When we wash these man-made material clothing, they shed microscopic plastic fibers called "microfibers." These fibers end up back in our water supply and end up in the stomachs of marine animals, including seafood, like oysters. The project that includes University of Florida researchers are scooping up buckets of Gulf of Mexico water to search for a number of how much microscopic plastic are floating around.  It's not yet known how much microfibers hurt the health of marine animals that ingest them or whether their accumulation up the food chain is harmful. Experts increasingly suggest that manufacturers of washing machines may need to be targeted next in efforts to reduce plastic waste in the oceans.

SOURCE: News & Advance

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