Yes, There is A Pumpkin Spice Drink For Dogs And Cats

August 14, 2017


The season of Pumpkin Spice is upon us.  As we swelter on our way inside grocery stores and restaurants, inside is a cool indicator that autumn is approaching with pumpkin-spice flavored foods and drinks.  Thankfully this year, your dog and cat can partake in this boom. The Honest Kitchen is debuting a line of Pumpkin Spice Lattes for dogs and cats by October.  So as you enjoy your Pumpkin-Spice latte, your best friends can enjoy their version that is made from goat's milk, honey, cinnamon, ginger and pumpkin. Pumpkin is actually good for cats and dogs in that it is rich in fiber and moisture, which can aid in digestive issues.  Although the added honey and spices from The Honest Kitchen version is not toxic, it may be a bit rough of sensitive tummies.  It’s best to check with your vet first before opening Pandora ’s Box of fall favorites.

SOURCE: The Healthy Kitchen

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