Yes, Lack Of Sleep Is Making You Sick

February 3, 2017

© Andres Rodriguez Dreamstime

Mom is full of great advice we sometimes forget to heed.  Inevitably on the phone, mom may have uttered the words that you're working too much and need to rest.  While it sometimes easier to assume that is easier said than done, she is right and scientist have got her back.  Researchers recruited 11 pairs of adult identical twins, with one of the twins getting just one hour less sleep than the other for two weeks.  The results were eye-opening.  The twin who had one hour less sleep a night had clear damage immune system and increased inflammation; making them more vulnerable to both disease-carrying germs and the illnesses and symptoms caused by inflammation. In short, the lack of sleep makes you feel lousy, opens you up to more likely catch a cold or flu and takes you longer to recover from its effects. The study shines light on rest being the best way to keep yourself healthy!

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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