The Wrong Way To Quit Your Job And Break Off A Romantic Relationship

January 30, 2018


For the record, there are hundreds of perfectly acceptable ways to quit a job and to end a romantic relationship that are not abusive nor will land you in jail.  From resigning and giving your two weeks to giving the "it's not you, it's me" speech, which is the the mature thing to do. However we live in Florida and what we may feel as inappropriate seems to be perfectly acceptable for many in the Sunshine State.  This is the case for 37-year old Patrick Moan who is the primary caregiver for Brandi Gregory, who is disabled and lacks arms and legs and was also her boyfriend.  The two live in Vero Beach and Patrick had apparently felt the romantic relationship was over and he no longer wanted to care for Brandi.  But rather than doing the right thing, he hatched a plan to get out of his job and relationship in a Walmart a parking lot Sunday afternoon.  Allegedly Patrick slapped Brandi's ear in hope his abusive actions would get him out of his job and relationship.  According to the Indian River Sheriff’s Office, Patrick hoped a passerby would “call the cops so he could go to jail” in an attempt to get arrested. We went on to state "he’s also tired of being her primary caregiver and felt if he punched her and confessed it, he would no longer have to take care of her.” Fortunately Brandi is physically OK with no permanent injuries reported and as for Patrick, he got his wish and was arrested. Brandi told deputies that Patrick becomes abusive when he drinks alcohol.

SOURCE: Miami Herald

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