The Worst Vacation Picture To Post Online

June 29, 2017

Most of us find delight in posting our vacation pictures on social media, allowing our friends and family to see what exciting and relaxing things we're doing while they're stuck in the office.  And while most of us share these photos, the majority of your friends cannot stand them, according to a recent survey.  It found 77% of people share their vacation photos online, while 73% of viewers admit they're annoying!  While the practice seems to be vastly unpopular, the reasons the vast majority do it to get emotion from you!  One in 5 admit they post pictures to show off and one in ten admit they do it to make you jealous!  The most unpopular photo you can post while on vacation?  That pose of your legs stretched out or crossed while on the beach or by the pool. The study was done by Aviva, an insurance company based in the United Kingdom.


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