Worst Things You Can Do After A Workout

August 25, 2017


Finding motivation to exercise can be hard to find sometimes but when you do, it's a great feeling of accomplishment!  But there are some things you may be doing that sabotage your efforts in becoming physically fit!  So avoid these post-workout mistakes most commonly committed! #1-Change out of your workout clothes as soon as possible.  Even if you didn't sweat much, damp clothing can cause your warm muscles to chill and lead to muscle soreness. Not to mention all that sweat is perfect for bacteria!  Even if you cannot immediately shower, change clothes as soon as you can.  #2-Becoming a couch potato.  While you may feel exhausted after a good workout, moving around post-workout can aid in muscle recovery. Get up, walk around, do some gentle stretches while standing. Conversely, avoid heavy chores.  Yes, you are already sweaty but adding physical-stressful chores can be torture on tired muscles, especially when you are partially dehydrated and/or undernourished from your workout and open yourself up to injury. #3-Not eating properly.  You should eat some healthy food and water 20-30 minutes after your workout.  That's not a green light to overindulge as a reward for working out but some protein, a little fat, and some complex carbohydrates are perfect for replenishing your energy needs. Finally #4-Take a Break.  Just as you need the weekends to re-charge, your body needs time to recover after exercise, even if you feel you didn't have an intense workout.  Recovery is essential for you to keep motivated and begin to see the results of your commitment.

SOURCE: Men's Health

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