Worst Foods to Cook In A Pressure Cooker

December 4, 2017

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When time is short, a pressure cooker can be your family's best friend when it comes to dinner.  Just toss a few frozen chicken pieces in the cooker with some seasoning and voila, dinner ready to go in less than 20 minutes. While a pressure cooker can make the toughest emits tender and juicy in minutes, they're not for every food.  Not only are some foods to delicate for the intense pressure of steam, they could ruin your machine, ruin your meal, risk fire or injury, or make someone sick. So avoid cooking these foods in a pressure cooker.  Noodles can foam, froth, or sputter, which can clog the pressure release valve and lead to excessive pressure build up. Don't confuse a pressure cooker with a crock pot and throw in all the ingredients at the same time. Meats are going to take longer than vegetables to cook so it's best to prepare each individual ingredient separately or you may end up with overcooked vegetables or undercooked meat. Finally a pressure cooker isn't meant for delicate meats, such as fish, or crispy or deep fried foods.  Those types of food need water to whisk away and a pressure cooker uses steam to cook, so cook fried foods in the fryer.

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