Worst bank robber...ever.

January 23, 2018

A man robbing a Taylorsville, Utah bank told tellers he had a gun and then demanded they give him all their money. "Then David Hamson, 39, stuffed the cash into a bag around 5:30 p.m. Thursday and left the Taylorsville, Utah, bank, hoping to get away from the crime scene in a car he’d stolen, police told KSL. As he got to into his getaway car, though, Hamson realized he’d made a big mistake: He had left the keys to his stolen car on the counter at America First Credit Union, witnesses told police. At that point, Hamson decided to flee on foot, News 4 Utah reports. But even on foot Hamson kept tripping up, police said. As he ran away, his bag of cash got caught on something and ripped, according to police, sending the stolen money flying, KSL reports." (Star-Telegram)


Souce: (Star-Telegram)