World's Longest Cruise Takes 8 Months To Complete

May 3, 2018

© Brett Critchley | Dreamstime

Ever said that a 7-day cruise is too short?  Well get ready for the latest cruise from Viking Cruises, a 245 day trip around the world!  The eight-month cruise will visit six continents, 59 countries, 113 ports and set a record as the world’s longest continuous cruise when it takes off from London on August 31, 2019. The Viking Ultimate World Cruise starts in England, crosses the Atlantic to Canada, down the eastern coast of the United States, through the Caribbean, down the Amazon through Brazil, then around South America, up through the west coast of Central America, through the South Pacific, around New Zealand and Australia, up Eastern Asia, through the Middle East, across the Mediterranean and back up to England. Besides having banked enough vacation time get ready to put down some cash.  Fares start at $92,990 up to 269,990 for the Owner’s Suite. The price includes free business class air travel to and from London at the start and end of the cruise. Guests who book before the end of the year will also receive a $4,000 excursions credit for optional trips on land, and a $2,000 shipboard credit which can be used on spa services and shops on the boat. If 8-months is a little too long you can sign up for half segments either from London to Los Angeles or Los Angeles to London for just under $48,000.

SOURCE: Travel + Leisure

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