Workers Steal Over $3,000 In Snacks From A CIA Vending Machine

June 23, 2017

© Pongmoji Dreamstime

For some reason, committing a crime at the Central intelligence Agency doesn't seem like a smart idea and stealing snacks from the vending machine just seems crazy.  However recently declassified documents included a report from 2013, where several CIA contractors were fired for stealing more than $3,000 worth of snacks from vending machines from the fall of 2012 to March of 2013. The high tech scheme involved a payment system similar to PayPal, where you scan a card that debits an online account that links to your bank.  Contractors would unplug eh network connection cable, so the card could not send information to eventually debit your bank.  However the vending machine would still dispense items. After noticing the missing snacks, the CIA went all CIA and installed surveillance cameras around the vending machines, which eventually caught the contractors. As to why this scheme was classified remains a mystery or an embarrassment to the agency.  It was recently released under the Freedom of Information Act.

SOURCE: BuzzFeed

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