Words With Friends Sparks Close Friendship Between A 22 and 81 Year Old

December 5, 2017

© Electrochris | Dreamstime

One thing the Internet has done is make sure you always have someone to play a game with, as in the case of Words with Friends. The online Scrabble-type game pairs your friends together to play as well as match complete strangers.  That's the case of Spencer, a 22-year old rapper who lives in New York City.  Last year he was randomly paired with 81-year old Roz who lives in West Palm Beach. The two enjoyed each other's company and playing more than 300 matches in all.  But the two had never met face to face, until last week when Spencer boarded an airplane destined for West Palm Beach to meet Roz.  The two posted pictures of their meeting on social media to the delight of millions.


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