Woodworker Recreates His Own Version Of The Christmas Story Leg Lamp

December 4, 2017

© Wisconsinart | Dreamstime

A Christmas classic is the 1983 comedy, A Christmas Story, which chronicles the purist of Ralphie Parker in getting a Red Ryder Range 200 Shot BB gun with a compass in the stock for Christmas. But it isn't the BB gun that we remember the most rather fishnet stocking "leg lamp" the "Old Man" had won. 

While stores have offered plastic reproductions for you to buy, woodworker Paul Jackman has carved a full scale replica of his own leg in the style of the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. While you won't find a fishnet stockings on this leg, a workman boot anchors it to the base of this maple wood carving.  It’s a shame you can't buy one of these in stores (yet, at least), Paul does give detailed instructions on how to make you own "Major award" on his YouTube channel, Jackman Works.

SOURCE: Geekologie

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