Women Who Wait A Little Longer To Start A Family May Live Longer

August 29, 2017

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Some promising news for women and couples who want to delay starting a family. A recent study has found that women who wait until their 30s to start having kids may live longer. The study looked at women that were 65 years old and inquired about the age when they mothered children.  They found those who gave birth in their 30s were more likely to live longer than those who fell pregnant in their teens and 20s. This echoes a previous study that found women who had children when they were over the age of 25, were 11% more likely to live into their 90s. And for each year the mother has their first child, the more likelihood they will live longer. Both studies did find teen mothers had the shortest lifespan. While it is scientifically proven the older you get, the harder it is to conceive and the more dangerous it is to your health, it appears the "sweet spot" for child birth is your 30s. Neither study was able to explain why but believe it is because women in the 30s are generally in better health. A healthy reproductive system that allows women to conceive into their 30s is an indication that they may go into menopause later, which is also linked to longevity.

SOURCE: Global News

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