Women Prefer The Scent Of A Man Who Eats Healthier Foods

August 16, 2017


Guys, put away the Axe Body Spray, Panther cologne and the plate of loaded nachos if you are looking for love.  A new study says women prefer the smell of a man who eats healthier.  Scent plays an important role in attractiveness and it's documented that women have a stronger sense of smell and taste than men. Researchers found that women prefer the smell of sweat given off by men who eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables compared to the sweat of men who eat a bunch of carbs and processed foods. While the pheromone scent of men who eat a lot of meat was higher than those gorging on carbs, a vegetarian-leaning and vegan-leaning lifestyle can be the determining factor if a woman falls in love with a man. The conclusions were made  by using a spectrophotometer to shine a light on the male participants' skin and measure the color that is reflected back, which turns out to be a pretty good gauge of diet. The men also completed a food diary and wore a clean t-shirt before exercise.   Then women were asked to blindly rate the sweat samples and rather consistently found that men who ate more vegetables smelled nicer and those with a diet rich in carbs "stink."

SOURCE: Journal of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society

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