Woman's Solution For Co-Worker Bad B.O. Fights Firing Under Disability Act

January 9, 2018

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We've heard of stories of co-workers complaining about their hygiene with even a few people quitting their job over it. Amber Bridges never considered her solution to a B.O. problem would get her fired!  She was a lead staffer in the Marion County courthouse in Indianapolis, Indiana.  As a lead, other employees and staff members began to coma pint to her about another co-workers chronic body odor. She notified her supervisor but it would appear her supervisor wasn't addressing it fast enough or at all.  So Amber bought and installed air fresheners throughout the work area to improve the overall quality of air in the office. The move was copied by other workers who also installed air fresheners around their work areas.  Not only did it grab the attention of the person with bad B.O., the person filed a complaint against Amber with human resources claiming he had created a hostile work environment and was immediately fired! However Amber didn't feel the firing was justified and filed a lawsuit claiming her termination violates the American With Disabilities Act. Apparently the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in some cases considers body odor a protected disability. But the law also prohibits discrimination based on relationship or association with a disabled person. In other words, since Amber had to work with someone with chronic body odor, she was discriminated because her employer immediately fired her rather than provide reasonable accommodation to an employee with a disability.  By law, if it isn’t at extreme expense, the employee with Bad B.O. should have had accommodations created for a harmonious work environment, such as flexible restroom breaks, providing a private office with an air-purification system or reassigning the person to a position that does not involve direct contact with the public.

SOURCE: The Indy Channel

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