Woman Wins Lottery By Mistake

January 4, 2018


No one winner in the most recent Megal Millions and Powerball lottery drawings and while many keep theri fingers crossed to win, a New Jersey woman won teh lottery by accident.  Oksana Zaharov was visiting New York and had stopped at a convenieance store.  While tehre she asked teh clerk for a $1 scratch off ticket.  The clerk mis-understood her and instead handed her a $10 Set for Life scratch-off instead.  She said she had felt bad for the clerk tearing off the wrong ticket, so she just decided to but the $10 ticket.  Deciding to go ahead and buy the ticket turned out to be a good decision, as Zaharov found herself scratching off a $5 million prize. She thought hte ticket was fake but lottery officals confirmed she was a millionaire. Zaharov said she is now planning a family vacation to the Bahamas, as well as saving for her children's future. Friday's Mega Millions jackpot is estimated at $418 milllon (1.5.18) and Saturday's Powerball jackpot is estimated at $460 million (1.6.18).

SOURCE: UPI & US News &World Report

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