Woman Wins Free Beer Delivery Just as She Gves It Up For Lent

March 6, 2017

© Daniel Mccauley Iv | Dreamstime

Last Wednesday was the beginning of Lent for many Christians, with many giving up a vice for forty days as a way to refocus their lives to God. Leandra Ruiz of Texas decided to give up alcohol for Lent last Wednesday.  As luck would have it, Luiz also won a contest and one day after swearing off beer, a case of Budweiser beer was delivered to her home by a team of Clydesdales.  A few weeks ago, Luiz entered the special contest as the famous Budweiser Clydesdales would be in town for an event, to win a special visit.  As luck would have it, she won! As the neighbors looked on, the Clydesdales towing a wagon arrived to her home to drop off the beer.  However the photo-op may have been stressful as Luiz laughed that she had given up beer until Easter.

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