Woman Says Illegal Pills Belong To Her Dog

Only In Florida

July 21, 2016
police lights

When you were younger blaming the dog for eating your homework, although rare, was an acceptable excuse but claiming your illegal prescription pills belong to your dog, well that's so Florida is sad!  Back on July 10th, 56 year old Anita Wymer of Fort Pierce allegedly was flying down i-95 going more than 90 miles an hour a little after 3am when she grab the attention of a St. Lucie County Sheriff deputy, who pulled her over. After a brief conversation, the deputy said Wymer smelled of booze and said did admit she had “a few drinks.” It was a few too many after she registered a .116 in a breath test and was arrested for DUI. Upon inspection of her car, 13 Xanax and 2 Valium pills were found in her car and there was no prescription. Here is where Wymer allegedly threw her dog under the table, claiming the pills were not her but prescribed to her dog and that she had only taken one.  She could not produce a prescription. In addition to her DUI, she was charged with having prescription pills without a prescription.  For her dog’s part, it has remained silent on the issue!


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