Woman Risks Jail Time For Airplane Overhead Storage Room

December 15, 2016

© Robert Paul Van Beets | Dreamstime

How precious is the overhead bin space on an airplane?  So precious one woman went to jail for it.  The incident happened at the Detroit airport, where a Delta flight was boarding passengers Monday for San Diego by zones.  One woman, vying for the precious overhead bin space decided she didn't want to wait for her zone to be called and risk having her carry-on checked, so and blew past the gate agent and proceeded to get on the airplane before her zone was called.  In a world where unattended suitcases causes suspicions, the woman created some anxious moments for passengers and crew.  Police arrived and attempted to escort the woman off the airplane.  But she was determined to stay in her seat and after refusing repeated warnings to leave the plane, officers had to drag her from the rear of the airplane, down the aisle and out the jet way. The woman was arrested for violation of airport ordinances, including failure to leave the aircraft.  No charges have been filed.

SOURCE: Jalopnik

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