Woman Prevents Her Own Kidnapping Because She Knew How To Drive Stick

July 31, 2017

© Karthickj25 | Dreamstime

An incredible story of how a woman's manual car saved her from a kidnapping!  20-year-old college student Jordan Dinsmore left a restaurant last Wednesday around 1am and returned home to her apartment.  But once she got out of her car, she was rushed by three men wearing dark clothes, pushed her to the ground and allegedly pointed a gun at her head, telling her they'd kill her if she screamed. Then, the men forced her back into her car, with plans to drain her bank account and rape her.  However none of the men could drive her stick-shift car, so Jordan was forced to drive, which allowed her to think of a way to escape.  By the time she was taken them to the ATM to withdraw $300 cash, she had her plan.  Once back into the car, she neglected to put on her seat belt.  She recalled how tense it was as her car continuously beeped when her seatbelt was not fastened.  She hoped the men wouldn't notice it.  But could she implement her escape plan before reaching the destination at 1 in the morning?  As she drove, she looked for passing vehicles.  Then her chance.  While purposely missing a turn to intercept a car, she threw the car's transmission into neutral, opened her door and jumped to freedom as the car was traveling 35mph.  As she rolled out, she screamed for the passing motorist to call police. Jordan says she didn't know what happened to the three men, who obviously fled the scene since none of them could drive stick. Jordan is working with local investigators, who have dubbed her "James Bond" and says she plans to always drive a manual car for the rest of her life.  


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