Woman Prays To A Lord Of The Rings Figurine My Mistake For Years

January 6, 2017

© I M | Dreamstime

You wouldn't think a Catholic Saint and characters from the Lord of the Rings would have much in common.  However it was enough to confuse a grandmother in Brazil. For years she has been praying to a small figurine of Saint Anthony, or so she thought it was Saint Anthony.  It was only after closer inspection by her great-granddaughter that it was discovered the figurine was that of Elrond, an elf from Lord of the Rings.  In her defense, the flowing robes are similar enough to be confusing on a small scale of the one to 2 inch figurine.  It’s not known where the woman acquired the toy but after being alerted to her error, the woman has since retired Elrond and replaced it with a true figurine of Saint Anthony.


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