Woman Mistakenly Tips Server using Her PIN Instead

May 4, 2018

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A momentary slip of the mind has cost one woman over $7,000.  A French woman was at a coffee shop and had requested to pay her bill that equals around $23.76 USD.  She wanted to include a tip but mistakenly entered her PIN of 7686 in the section designated for a tip.  So instead of leaving a $5 tip, she ended up leaving a $7,686 tip on an almost $24 meal.  The mistake went unnoticed until a few days later when she reviewed her bank account and saw the mistake.  When she contacted the bank to reverse the charge, it was denied because the debit was not fraudulent. The same answer was given when she called the credit card issuer of her bank card.  Her next step was to contact the local police department for help.  There too no help was offered because the incident wasn't a "criminally relevant" matter. She finally reached out to the cafe owner where the charge was made and it appeared she would be getting her money back as the owner agreed to the refund.  But the money was never returned to her bank account.  The care owner had stopped communicating with her as well.  Come to find out the cafe owner had filed for bankruptcy and shut down the cafe. The stress is multiplied for the woman, who is now unemployed and could really use the money.  But it appears she will never see the money again, all because she made the mistake of entering her PIN when the machine asked for a tip amount.  It's a costly lesson for her and an important lesson for all to make sure to pay attention when making a payment.

SOURCE: Boing Boing

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