Woman Lies To Police In Hopes They Find her Stolen Car Faster

February 1, 2017


Having your car stolen is a horrible experience.  It happened to Jessica Pickett this week when she phoned Columbus, Ohio police Monday morning to report her car was stolen from her driveway as it warming up.  She also told police that her four year old daughter was in the back seat of the stolen car.  Police immediately issued an amber alert and began a statewide search for the missing car and child.  It took police less than an hour to locate the stolen car and the thief who stole it; about a mile away from the scene.  However there was no four year old in the back seat.  An investigation found that the girl was never in the car.  She was found safe with her Aunt, who had been watching her Sunday night through Monday morning.  Jessica admitted to police that her daughter was never in the car and only said she was in there so police would find her car faster.  Now authorities have placed the daughter and her two siblings in protective custody as Jessica Picket was charged with falsification, while the car thief, Bradley Stroud, was charged with Grand Theft Auto. Lesson learned not to lie to police in the hopes they'll find your stolen property faster!


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