Woman inflates 13 ft. Stay Puft Lawn Decoration In Her Living Room with Hilarious Results

September 6, 2016

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---When you buy, a 13 ft. self-inflating Stay Puft marshmallow man, in your living room, instead of your yard, who you gonna call?---  Marie Hicks of Chicago probably had some sort of version of the Ray Parker Jr song going through her head Sunday morning, when she unleased the iconic Ghostbuster Stay Puft marshmallow man inflatable yard decoration in her living room.  After a night of work, Hicks decided to see how her new Halloween decoration would look like.  By her own admission, there wasn't one on display at the store she purchased it earlier in the week.  So she thought it best to inflate in in her living room and take it outside.  Unfortunately, the 12ft by 13 ft. puffy decoration quickly inflated beyond Marie's control.  By the time she realized she should probably unplug it, the inflatable was totally blocking the electrical socket. Marie ought her way to the wall and was able to unplug it.  Good news for us, there are pictures of the mayhem and have been shared thousands of time on Instagram, titled, “I have made a grave miscalculation.”


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