Woman Falls In Love With Husband Again After Accident Erases Her Memory Of Him

May 29, 2018


A tragic and heartwarming story about low love prevails against the odds.  This is the story of Angela and Jeff of Oklahoma.  After Angela's husband passed away, she found romance with Jeff and the couple was married in 2000.  TI seemed everything was going well for the couple until October 2013, while in New York City, Angela was tragically hit by a car while crossing the road and suffered a traumatic brain injury, which required her to be placed in a medically induced coma.  Thankfully Angela woke from her coma but it was then tragedy struck again.  She had no memory of Jeff and over a decade of her memory was erased.  She awoke thinking it was 1998 and that her decreased first husband was still alive, her high school daughter was a toddler and her husband Jeff, was a complete stranger. The long road to recovery had begun as Jeff was determined to prove her that not only were the two married, but were in love.  With pictures, stories, videos and conversations, Weeks became months and months became years the couple worked to re-established the bond between them.  Jeff determined to get Angela to recall their life but nothing surfaced.  However this story has a happy ending to show that true love always wins. During the years of persistence, Angela found herself falling back in love with Jeff, who suggested the couple host a wedding to replace those precious memories that were lost.  So on June 19th the couple will marry again for the first time at a ceremony in New York's Central Park.  Jeff says Angels doesn't refer to it as a wedding or a honeymoon because she is already married.  Angela and Jeff say they wanted to share their story in hopes it inspires others that it takes a lot of effort to rebuild critical bonds. In particular Angela wishes her story may inspire others who have suffered traumatic experiences and for them to know there is hope for the future.

SOURCE: New York Daily News

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