Woman Calls Police On Man Who Won't Quit Whistling Semisonic's Closing Time

December 1, 2016

© Sebnem Ragiboglu | Dreamstime

In many countries across the world whistling is considered offensive, it is acceptable in the USA.  But in Forest Grove, Oregon, whistling Semisonic's 1998 hit, Closing Time can result in having the police called on you. According to the report filed, the man was walking down the sidewalk whistling the song.  He eventually passed the driveway of one woman who was not a fan of the song, or the man's whistling and told him to "shut up". The comment quickly escalated into a yelling incident when the woman eventually called police to report the man, who continued to whistle "Closing Time" within an ear shot.  When officers arrived, they didn't have a hard time finding the man, who was still whistling the song.  He said he became upset when she told him to shut up.  Police sent the man on his way.


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