Woman Burns Down Store Because They Didn't Have Shopping Carts

November 21, 2016

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'Tis the season to start a fire at the store that had no shopping carts!  In a move that you'd consider excessive, 64 year old Linda K. Poplawski was out shopping a week ago Sunday at the Dollar Tree.  However she became upset as there was no shopping carts in the store for her to use.  She let her frustration out inside the store and told employees she'd never shop there again and left.  But this is where the story gets interesting.  According to court records, she returned to the Dollar Tree a muttered something about "burning the store down" and went to the greeting car aisle and announced, "The store is on fire."  Employees were unable to extinguish the flames and by the time fire-rescue arrived the flames had spread to 5 other stores in the strip mall, all the time Poplawski was allegedly taking pictures and video of the fire.  It took 75 firefighters nearly 24 hours to douse the flames, which destroyed the Dollar Tree, a beauty salon, specialty food store and a gym. Poplawski was charged with first-degree arson and had no prior criminal history.

SOURCE: Kent Reporter

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