Woman Builds Home By Watching You Tube Videos

January 13, 2017

© Denise Kappa Dreamstime

The next time you think something is impossible or told you can't do it, remember this story.  Actually it's the story of Cara Brookin.  The mother of 4 children had been beaten down in an abusive relationship.  After reaching down for the strength, she found the courage to leave the violence with her children in search of a better life. Part of that better life included a place to call home.  However the math didn't work for Cara to buy a home but that didn't stop her.  Although she could afford a mortgage, she could afford the supplies to build a home over time and with the help of YouTube tutorial videos, she built a house, from the ground up!  Her children thought she was crazy but Cara knew if she had the courage to leave an abusive relationship, she could build a house. So she watch a video on laying a foundation, which she did, along with some help from the local hardware store. Then videos from plumbing, electrical and hanging drywall to roofing, painting and floors were watched and after several trips for supplies and a determination to succeed, Cara completed the home and has taught herself, her children and the world about believing in yourself.  She has written a book about eh experience. Rise, How a House Built a Family will be released January 24th. The message Cara has for women or families experiencing domestic violence, “Do something big. Take a big leap and set an impossible goal. With enough determination you can do it.”


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