Woman Agrees To have Car Destroyed By A Chainsaw To Save Her Kitten

August 4, 2016

With all the stories of people locking up their dogs in hot cars, we have one that is 100% the opposite and it involves, not a dog, but a kitten. Denise Wilford-Neal of Vero Beach adopted a tiny kitten Monday and was bringing it home when he climbed inside the dashboard of Denise's 1995 Monte Carlo, crying and would not come out. Denise and her family tried to coax the kitten out with food and water for nearly 20 hours with no success.  So Denise turned to Facebook for advice on how to get the kitten free.  Suggestions came quickly and although some were wild-brained, one came from a mechanic; to disassemble the dashboard.  So she took in her car to have the dashboard removed, which was done.  However the kitten was lodged into a small part they could not reach as the dashboard came out piece by piece. Mechanic Travis Inman offered one final suggestion, to use a chainsaw to cut into the car, saving the kitten but destroying her car.  Denise said there wasn't a moment hesitation as she watched a chainsaw cut out the trapped (and scared) kitten, she now calls Monte. Even with no money, no other car, and no way to replace her $600 Monte Carlo, she says she'd do it again to save Monte's life.

Source: CBS 12 (West Palm Beach)

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