Is Wireless Phone Charging Safe?

February 17, 2017

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Years ago, many of us cut the cord and dropped home telephone service as our cell phones were able to take over the responsibilities.  However you still need a cord to charge the phone's battery.  A couple of years ago some cell phones truly became wireless with charging features that no longer needed a cord. Now more phone and other electronic devices have been rolled out with wireless charge technology. The big questions are 1-Is it safe? And #2-How does it work?  Let's start with the second questions first.  Believe it or not, wireless charging technology is a 18th century invention by famed inventor Nikola Tesla.  Over 100 year ago, Tesla believed electricity could be transmitted around the world without the need of expensive cables and even successfully tested his electromagnetic induction theory.  But it took a few decades and perhaps the frustration of not having the right power cord to recharge a dying mobile phones or tablet to make it a welcomed idea.  Basically wireless charging works with a transmitter (charging base) is close enough to a receiver (phone) for the two to create an electric current. Now back to question #1, is it safe?  Yes.  The electrical current isn't very strong and you have a greater risk of electrical shock pushing and pulling your charger into a power socket (in the event the wire were to fray and you touched an exposed wire).  As great as wireless charging sounds, it does have drawbacks.  It needs to be very close to the charging platform to work, so no more talking or texting while charging.  Plus the process generates a lot of heat and heat is bad for electronics.  However with all new technology, or in this case century old technology, every new generation improves.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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