Wine Spa Where You Can Swim In a Pool of Merlot or Bordeaux

November 10, 2016

© Dzmitri Mikhaltsov | Dreamstime

You often hear of people drowning their sorrows in a bottle.  What if that bottle filled swimming pool and that swimming pool is real wine?  In another example where fact is stranger than fiction, the Yunessun Spa Resort has been filling pools with coffee, green tea, ramen broth and, yes, wine for stressed out guests to get relaxed both internally and externally. Yes, the coffee is freshly crewed and the wine is uncorked regularly for guests to immerse themselves in a sea of Merlot or Bordeaux.  Apparently, swimming in wine has its benefits.  The natural antioxidant of wine is believed to have anti-aging properties, strengthen the skin, reduce inflammation, improve circulation and even prevent the skin from losing elasticity and collagen fibers. Egyptians were big fans of using wine baths to soften their skin, and rumor has it Cleopatra often bathed in vino while getting grape seed oil massaged into her skin. And when you are ready for a glass of wine, swim over to the 12ft bottle of wine conveniently located alongside the pool and have your glass ready.

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SOURCE: Elite Daily

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