Will The Unicorn Hair Style Define This Decade?

January 17, 2017

© Anna Velichkovsky | Dreamstime

The 80s had the Mullet, the 90s had The Rachael and the 2000s had wavy curls.  So what is the hair style the twenty-tens will be known for?  The Unicorn could be on that list. As the name suggest, ladies are taking their long hair, dyeing it multicolors and having it wrapped around the front of their head to a standing point that resembles a unicorn. The Turnt Beauty has a demonstration video online of how to make a unicorn.  After highlighting your hair with pink, blue and purple strands, the stylist uses a foam cone and centers it on the forward top of your head and wraps the hair around it (like soft-serve ice cream in a cone).  Then two ponytails in the back are made and teased to look more like a horse mane. The final product is nothing short of magical, and for better or worse, the model actually resembles a “real” unicorn.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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