Will This Be The Last Time Change In Florida?

March 9, 2018

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Coming up Sunday we will once again move clocks ahead one hour and lose an hour of weekend as we switch from standard time and daylight saving time. However this may be the last time we do it in Florida.  The House of Representatives and Florida Senate overwhelming passed the Sunshine Protection Act, which would keep Florida in daylight saving time permanently.  The hugely popular bill is awaiting the Governor’s signature.  But even if signed, it doesn't become law simply because Florida doesn't have the authority to adopt daylight saving time year-round. The federal government controls the nation’s time zones, as well as the start and end dates of daylight saving time. States can choose to exempt themselves from daylight saving time, such as Arizona and Hawaii, but nothing in federal law allows them to exempt themselves from standard time. So it would take an act of Congress to change the wording of the current law. Considering other states have proposed keeping within daylight saving time and no action on Congress to amend the time change wording, it appears we will continue to semi-annual time change for years to come.

SOURCE: New York Times

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