Wife Attacks Husband With a Wrench and Sword

November 15, 2016


Never bring a wrench to a sword fight or you could wind up in the hospital. Peter and Brandi have been married for 4 years and reside in Middleburg.  Things got dicey between the couple back on November 5th, when the two began an argument that lead to a fight.  According to Clay County Sheriff’s Office report, Brandi allegedly threw a wrench at her husband, which hit him in his thigh.  Peter escalated the wrench throwing by grabbing a sword and began to swing it around and damaging the home before finally dropping it after his display.  That's when Brandi pick up the sword and stuck it in her husband's stomach, forearms and right side.  Peter was taken to the hospital for treatment while Brandi charged with aggravated battery. The two appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  While in custody, Brandi was on suicide watch.

SOURCE: Action News Jax

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