WienerDrone Set To Drop Hot Dogs To People This Independence Day

June 27, 2017

© Stephen Mcsweeny | Dreamstime

It appears Amazon, UPS, Fedex and the U.S. Postal Service aren't the only organizations working on drone delivery system.  Oscar Meyer has created the world first hot dog delivery drone.

The WienerDrone is 15 inches wide (without propellers), 24 inches long and weighs about six pounds. It can fly a hot dog for up to 15 minutes for about a mile and at an altitude of 1,200 feet. The WienerDrone joins the new WienerCycle (a scooter with a hot dog side car) as the latest additions to the company's Wienermobile fleet this Independence Day in Weiner, Arkansas as the WienerDrone drops hot dogs from the air.

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