Wi-Fi Scam Targeting Vacationers

March 9, 2018

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As we get closer to spring and summer there is a new warning when connecting your mobile devices to a hotel or resort Wi-Fi network.  Scammers are playing on our haste to hook up to Wi-Fi and are creating bogus networks with similar names of the hotels and resorts visitors check in to every day and steal information. They may add words or numbers to the legitimate hotel Wi-Fi in hopes of tricking you into thinking the network offers a stronger signal.  But it can be a thief who will steal your identity in just a few keystrokes. So make sure you get the proper Wi-Fi network name upon checking in to your hotel and inquire about any additional network names operated by the property.  Most hotel networks will as for your name and room number.  If you want to verify the connection is legitimate, type in a wrong room number.  If you don’t not get an error message that it's fake.  Also for added security, when making purchases using your credit//debit card or any financial data or web sites that require you to log in for access, disconnect from the hotel Wi-Fi and using your carrier's data signal.

SOURCE: The Today Show

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