Why Your Text Messages Have Empty Boxes

November 8, 2017

© Juan Moyano | Dreamstime

Ever notice some text messages you receive contain empty boxes or out of context symbols or letters?  It's not because the text sender is having a stoke or accidently butt-texted you.  It's because your device does not support the emoji that has been received.  Conversely, not every emoji you send will be received, making your artsy conversation more of an enigma! Emoji characters are generated by a Unicode standard to which Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and whoever else draw their own interpretation into their software. Unfortunately not all developers are on the same page or at the same pace. To cut down on the empty boxes and question marks filling your text message, make sure you have downloaded the most recent software update from your manufacturer.  Besides all those vitally important security updates come updated emoji codes too. As for sender, realize the newer the emoji the more likely it will not display on the receiving device, especially if you are sending to a device not operating on the same platform as you (iPhone to Android and vice versa). The only real options to avoid being misunderstood are to not use emojis at all, or to fall back to the good old text-based emoticons (using characters to represent your emojis), or to stick to only the most basic emojis that just about every platform recognizes.

SOURCE: Gizmodo

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