Why Your New Year's Resolution Fails

January 3, 2017

© Quentin Bargate | Dreamstime

New Year's resolutions date back to Roman times when a new year signaled a new chapter resolving to make yourself better.  However many, if not most, resolutions fail before the end of January. But why do we continue to make resolutions and why do many fail?  Blame your noggin for being overly ambitious.  According to science, we usually focus on goals or tasks that we haven’t been able to achieve over the past year. Those goals, although noble, have no consequences if they aren't met.  So it’s the rosy thought of you losing weight, or to stop smoking that feels good and eager to tackle, but when the rubber meets the road, we shrug our shoulders and move on. Consider most people make don't make resolutions around tasks we like to do.  So if you want to stick to your promise in 2017, know your mind is paying you lip service and habits are hard to break.  So being aware of how your mind will talk you out of your resolutions may be the ammunition you need to make a difference in resolving to make your resolution matter.

SOURCE: Popular Science

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