Why You Shouldn't Taunt The Police On Facebook

September 29, 2016


As Dr. Phil would say, Mess With The Bull, You'll Get The Horns and some good advice in hindsight for Cameron Cox, a 24 year old man from New Port Richey, who had a slew of criminal charges including dealing in stolen property, two counts of giving false information on a pawnbroker form, three counts of burglary, grand theft and petit theft.  Feeling confident he had escaped capture by law enforcement, he decided to taunt the law on September 6th by changing his Facebook profile picture to the 2002 movie poster, Cat Me If You Can, starring Leonardo DiCaprio as a check fraud thief evading capture by Tom Hanks, adding his own statement to the profile picture saying, "F--- it. Might as well have some fun with this. LOL".


It didn't take long for the Tampa Police Department to simply post on Cox's timeline, "Challenge accepted".  It took two weeks for the Tampa Police Department to track down Cox but they did at a Tampa fast food restaurant, where he was arrested Tuesday (9/20/16).  The police had their own statement about the taunt saying, "When he is done serving his time, maybe Cameron Cox should update his profile photo with his mugshot."


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