Why You Shouldn't Store Your Champagne Bottle In the Fridge

May 26, 2017

© Julián Rovagnati | Dreamstime

Keeping a bottle of the bubbly in the fridge in case of a special reason to celebrate? That actually could be considered alcohol abuse as some woudl consider wasting champagne as a crime! According to the Moët & Chandon’s wine quality manager, storing champagne in the refrigerator is the worst things you can do to affect the flavor of your bubbly.  While scoring points for being prepared, as a champagne (or sparking white wine) bottle sits in the cool and dry climate of a refrigerator, the cork will begin to dry out and the seal between the bottle and the cork will loosen up.  The results are that your champagne will oxidase faster changing its aromas.  They suggest storing your champagne in a cool dry place away from light and with a consistent temperature.  They suggest chilling wine in an ice bucket prior to drinking to cool it down.  However if do resort to the refrigerator to cool it down, only put it in for a few days at the most.

SOURCE: Huffington Post

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